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Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – End Over End

    End Over End was one of the first original alternative rock bands that could draw a crowd at Theatre Gallery in the early days of the scene. They were a local favorite in the underground music scene and nice, interesting guys. This portrait was taken in a river bottom with b&w film and […]

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – The Reverend Horton Heat

                                        We went to a tire shop to shoot this photo for a Buddy Magazine cover. I have always loved working with these guys and have some solid portraits to show for it. ¬†They are one […]

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips perform live at Theatre Gallery.

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – Tripping Daisy

Tripping Daisy was a great band! They wrote great songs and their live performances were over the top visually and sonically even from their earliest days. They were fun to hang out with and nice guys. They recorded their debut record on local label Dragon Street Records. Tim DeLaughter now has a band called Polyphonic […]

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – Hagfish

                                Hagfish was a high energy punk band that put on great live performances and a loyal following. This portrait was taken for a Buddy Magazine cover and feature. The image was shot on B&W film on a white background […]

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – Tripping Daisy

One of the all time greatest Dallas bands is Tripping Daisy. Tim DeLaughter, Wes Berggren, Mark Pirro, and Bryan Wakeland are in these photos. What a fun time it was.

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – The Nixons perform at Trees.

The Nixons were a incredible live performance. They put it all out there every night and had loyal fans. These live shots at Trees capture the energy in the room.

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – DDT (Decadent Dub Team)

DDT was Jeffery Liles Hip Hop band. Jeff is known as one of the driving forces that started the Deep Ellum scene in the 1980’s. He booked the bands that played the Theatre Gallery and later the Prophet Bar. He books the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff and brings some of best talent in every […]

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit – Killbilly

Killbilly was a great bunch of guys who mixed Bluegrass and Punk Rock into a roaring good time. This portrait was taken on the corner of Elm and Crowdus in the mid 1980’s. The band played on the street while I shot them from a ladder. I call this guerilla location shooting and since there […]

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Deep Ellum Music Exhibit -The Loco Gringos

This Loco Gringos portrait was shot for the “Dude You Rock” compilation record on XXX. The band members left to right are Grant Sheffield (Pancho), Mark (Crash), Don Foote (Pablo), and Tom Foote (Pepe) . James Bland Photograph taken 1989.

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